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  阅读理解It is difficult for parents of nearly every family to teach their children to be responsible for housework,but with one of the following suggestions,you really can get your children to help at home.

  If you give your children the impression that they can never do anything quite right,then they will regard themselves as unfit or unable persons.Unless children believe they can succeed,they will never become totally independent.

  My daughter Carla’s fifth­grade teacher made every child in her class feel special.When students received less than a prefect test score,she would point out what they had mastered and declared firmly they could learn what they had missed.

  You can use the same technique when you evaluate (评价)

  your child’s work at home.Don’t always scold and give lots of praise instead.Talk about what he has done right,not about what he hasn’t done.If your child completes a difficult task,promise him a Sunday trip or a ball game with Dad.

  Learning is a process of trying and failing and trying and succeeding.If you teach your children not to fear a mistake of failure,they will learn faster and achieve success at last.

  1.The whole passage deals with________.

  A.social education

  B.school education

  C.family education

  D.pre­school education

  解析: 本文一开头就点明了主题。

  答案: C

  2.The author thinks that________.

  A.there is no way to get children to help at home

  B.the more encouragement and praise give,the more responsible and helpful children will become

  C.it is very difficult to make children responsible for housework

  D.children can be forced to help with housework

  解析: 本文倒数第二段可说明问题,在教育孩子问题上,表扬和鼓励是必不可少的。

  答案: B

  3.The article gives us a good suggestion about how to evaluate your child’s work at home.That is to________.

  A.praise his success

  B.promise him a trip

  C.give him a punishment

  D.promise him a ball game

  解析: 由倒数第二段第三句“Talk about what he has done right,not about what he hasn’t done.”可知。

  答案: A

  4.The author advises readers to________.

  A.learn from himself,for he has a good way of teaching

  B.take pride in Carla’s fifth­grade teacher

  C.do as what Carla’s teacher did in educating children

  D.follow Carla’s example because she never fails in the test

  解析: 本文第三段肯定了Carla老师的教学方法,由第四段第一句“You can use the same technique when you evaluate your child’s work at home.”可知。

  答案: C

  5.Having read the last paragraph,we can conclude that________.

  A.pride goes before a fallB.practice makes perfect

  C.no pains,no gainsD.failure is the mother of success

  解析: A的大意为“胜不骄、败不馁”;B为“熟能生巧”;C为“不劳、不获”;D“失败乃成功之母”。故D为答案。

  答案: DA,B,C或D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

  A Train Floating On Air

  A train that floats on air? It’s not magic — it’s magnets (磁). And it’s close to reality.

  In Virginia USA the fall of 2002, a train with no wheels traveled on air and carried college students across their campus. In Japan, a whisper-quiet railway engine hovered and raced at 350 miles per hour using magnets and electricity as the power. And in China, a magnet train line linked Shanghai with nearby Pudong Airport.

  These trains use magnetic levitation (悬浮) technology, “maglev” for short. They use the same rules as the magnets you pick up at home or school: opposite poles of magnets attract each other, and like poles repel each other.

  How does it work?

  Powerful magnets on the bottom of the train repel magnets on the track, which is actually just a magnet-filled guiding way. With a magnetic field of sufficient force, the train will go hovering on air, which seemed impossible to us in the past.

  When an electrical current is sent through the track, the train moves. Turn the current backwards and the train slows down.

  Maglev doesn’t rely on the friction (摩擦力) of wheels on track, so it can climb a much steeper hill than a traditional train. And it can travel easily in snow and ice, something that could bring normal trains to a screaming stop.

  1. This passage is about .

  A. maglevB. magnetsC. levitationD. electricity

  2. Which of the following is a repelling action?

  A. ⇨⇦ B. ⇦⇨ C. ⇧⇧ D. ⇩⇩

  3. What can we learn from the text?

  A. A magnet-filled guiding way is formed inside a maglev train.

  B. Instead of electricity, magnets are used as the power of a maglev.

  C. Maglev trains can climb hills with the help of magnet wheels.

  D. Electric currents decide the movements of a maglev train.

  4. What is the difference between a maglev train and an ordinary train?

  A. A maglev train can climb mountains without power while an ordinary one can’t.

  B. A maglev train can travel in college campus while an ordinary train is not allowed.

  C. Traveling without a track, a maglev train is safer and smoother than an ordinary one.

  D. Floating on a track, a maglev train is faster, quieter than an ordinary railway train.



  Shirley Temple Black, who lifted America’s spirit as a bright-eyed child movie star during the Great Depression, peacefully passed away at her California home on Monday evening at 85, surrounded by her family and caregivers.

  Temple, born on April 23, 1928, started her entertainment career in the early 1930s and was famous by age 6. Temple was 3 when her mother put her in dance school, where a talent scout spotted her and got her in Baby Burlesks, a series of short movies with child actors playing in adult movies.

  Movie studio directors took notice of her and in 1934 she appeared in the film Stand Up and Cheer! and her song and dance caught people’s attention. Movies such as Little Miss Marker and Bright Eyes featured her signature song. In 1935, she received a special Oscar for her “outstanding contribution to screen entertainment” in the movie Stand Up and Cheer!

  She made some 40 feature movies, including The Little Colonel, Poor Little Rich Girl, Heidi and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, in 10 years, starring with big-name actors like Randolph Scott, Lionel Barrymore and Jimmy Durante. Temple was a superstar before the term was invented. She said she was about 8 when crowds shouting their love for her made her realize she was famous. “I wondered why,” she recalled. “I asked my mother and she said, ‘Because your films make them happy.’ ”

  Her child career came to an end at 12. She tried a few roles as a teenager—including opposite future president Ronald Reagan in That Hagen Girl – but retired from the screen in 1949 at 21.

  Temple was only 17 when she married for the first time to John Agar, who would eventually appear with her in two movies. Their five-year marriage produced a daughter. In 1950 she wed Charles Black in a marriage that lasted until his death in 2005. She and Black had two children. Temple’s interest in politics was sparked in the early 1950s when her husband was called back into the Navy to work in Washington.

  1.For which movie did Shirley Temple win the Oscar?

  That Hagen Girl

  Little Miss Marker

  Stand Up and Cheer

  The Little Colonel

  2.When Temple first caught the audience’s eyes, ____.

  she hoped to play a role in a series of movies

  her family was offered

  her mother sent her to a local dance school

  the United States was in fact in financial straits

  3.After Temple got married to Charles Black, ____.

  A. she might have begun her political life

  B. she had to raise her two young children

  C. she decided to work for the Navy

  D. she ended her film career on screen

  4.It can be inferred from the fourth paragraph that ___.

  people could find happiness in Temple’s films

  Temple’s mother only focused on income

  Temple disliked crowds shouting at her

  Temple’s mother was worried about her


  阅读理解。阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C和D) 中, 选出最佳选项。

  Healthy Habits,Healthy Body

  Feeling tired lately?Has a doctor said he can’t find anything wrong with you?Perhaps he sent you to a hospital,but all the advanced equipment there shows that there is nothing wrong with you.

  Then,consider this:you might be in a state of subhealth (亚健康).

  Subhealth,also called the third state or gray state,is explained as a borderline state between health and disease.

  According to the investigation (调查) by the National Health Organization,over 45 percent of subhealthy people are middle­aged or elderly.The percentage is even higher among people who work in management positions as well as students around exam time.

  Symptoms (征兆) include a lack of energy,depression (压抑),slow reactions,insomnia (失眠),agitation (焦虑),and poor memory.Other symptoms include shortness of breath,sweating and aching in the waist and legs.

  The key to preventing and recovering from subhealth,according to some medical experts,is to form good living habits,alternate work and rest,exercise regularly,and take part in open­air activities.

  As for meals,people are advised to eat less salt and sugar.They should eat more fresh vegetables,fruit and fish because they are rich in nutritional (营养的) elements—vitamins and trace elements (微量元素)—that are important to the body.

  Nutrition experts point out that it is not good to eat too much at one meal because it may cause unhealthy changes in the digestive tract (消化道).They also say that a balanced diet is very helpful in avoiding subhealth.

  【语篇解读】 本文主要介绍了亚健康的症状及应对策略。

  .According to this passage,which of the following is right?

  A.When you are in a state of subhealth,you should stay at home and keep silent.

  B.When you are in a state of subhealth,you should go to see a doctor and buy some medicine.

  C.When you are in a state of subhealth,you should have yourself examined in foreign countries.

  D.When you are in a state of subhealth,you should find out the reasons and relax yourself.

  解析: 细节理解题。根据第六段可知D项为正确选项。

  答案: D

  .Middle­aged people may be easy to feel subhealthy because________.

  A.they have used up their energy

  B.they have lost their living hopes

  C.they have more pressure in life and work

  D.they begin to get older

  解析: 推理判断题。根据第四段内容及常识可推知,中年人易处于亚健康状态是因为对他们而言来自生活和工作的压力较之其他人群更大。故选C。

  答案: C

  3.The key to preventing you from falling into a state of subhealth is that you should________.

  A.work hard

  B.sleep more

  C.form good living habits

  D.take more medicine

  解析: 细节理解题。根据第六段“The key to preventing and recovering from subhealth...is to form good living habits...”可知答案为C。

  答案: C

  .As for food,experts suggested that________.

  A.we should never eat meat

  B.we should have meals with less salt and sugar

  C.we should eat less than usual

  D.we should have meals without salt and sugar

  解析: 细节理解题。根据第七段第一句可知答案选B。

  答案: B

  .The underlined word “alternate” in the sixth paragraph is closest in meaning to “________”.

  A.arrange by turns

  B.take place

  C.keep up

  D.take up

  解析: 词义猜测题。


  答案: AA、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

  British men are encouraged to cry.

  There are certain things British men like to believe about themselves. The first is that one day they will again win the World Cup. They also believe they do not cry.

  Over the centuries, Britons are believed to have a “stiff upper lip”. But is this true?

  Yes, it is. A recent study arranged by Kleenex on how the British express their emotions reveals that 95 percent of them still contain their emotions.

  Moreover, while 72 percent think this is unhealthy, 19 percent can’t remember the last time they “let it out”. As a result, Kleenex is launching the “Let It Out” campaign that encourages Britons to grab a tissue and have a good cry.

  These days, however, the male Briton’s attitude toward crying is changing. Though the majority still struggles to open up emotionally, a 2004 study by Oxford’s Social Issues Research Center found that 77 percent of British men considered crying in public increasingly acceptable. Half of London males admitted crying in front of their mothers. Scotsmen are the least emotional, although they are the most likely to cry at weddings.

  Peter Marsh, director of the center, said: “Crying can now indicate sensitivity rather than weakness. Like with David Beckham, crying because you’re dropping off your boy at nursery isn’t seen as weak.”

  Winston Churchill was said to be a frequent crier, shedding tears at seeing a survivor in an air raid shelter (防空洞), and when he saw his wife after a long absence.

  Psychologists say that while society has accepted that men can cry, there are limits. Ronald Bracey, a consulting psychologist, said: “If a man began to cry when he was having stitches (缝针)in hospital, he would be considered as a wimp(软弱的人). Men still need to be seen as strong when it comes to physical pain.”

  1. What does the passage mainly deal with?

  A. Impression of British men.

  B. British men’s dream of the World Cup.

  C. Advice on how to control emotions.

  D. Different attitudes British men have towards crying.

  2. Which of the following concerning the British men is NOT true according to the passage?

  A. They are supposed to easily control emotions over the centuries.

  B. They are confident that they will again get successful in the World Cup.

  C. About 50% of British men admitted crying before their mothers.

  D. Nowadays, the male Briton’s attitude toward crying is changing.



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